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Past and the Present by Kiki-Celina Past and the Present :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 2
Technological Wonderland Ch 4
The Ace of Spades
Avery had lain prone on the couch, curled up in a little ball for quite some time. According to Gavin it had been two hours, forty-six minutes, and twenty-seven seconds, he timed it since Avery had appeared out of his computer. Even Ethan couldn't do anything, just sat beside his queen, ever vigilant.
The red-head had said she wanted to know what happened but she still seemed in shock. So when Ethan helped her sit, she curled into herself and had all but shutting down. But after three hours (two hours, fifty-nine minutes, and fifty-one seconds, Gavin was being cheeky) Avery finally roused, uncurled, and sat up.
"Are you alright, darling?" Ethan asked.
Avery nodded, she was barely there for a half-hour and it had still taken its toll on her. "I think I'm okay, just a minor overload." She sighed rubbing her face.
Ethan brushed some stray bangs away from his wife's face. "Why don't I run a scan, make sure everything's alright?"
"After you tell me what happened." A
:iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 0
Technological Wonderland Ch 3
Jack of Heart's Story
Ethan sat with his wife, his arms crossed; a glare remained fixed on Dimitri. Meeting up with this young man again was not something he was expecting. He was interested what he had to say. From what he remembered from nine years ago, the boy was a brat.
Everyone put their stations in hibernation to avoid detection while they were away. Dimitri never told them where he had come from and they were all curious. Shaye slid across the floor in his rolly chair, and bumped right into Gavin who was doing the same thing in the opposite direction. Kaya calmly walked his chair over and sat down. Sera took his place in Seth's lap, who was sitting on the couch with Ethan and Avery.
Dimitri looked around the room and sighed. "I don't want you guys to jump ahead of me. Let me finish before you get angry at me or anything." When everyone nodded, even Ethan, the brunette nodded back. "Alright, you may or may not believe me but I wasn't born, I was genetically created."
:iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 0
Technological Wonderland Ch 2
Shaye's story and the Anomaly
Shaye was your typical orphan street kid. Running from the law and scrounging for food where ever he could. He didn't mind being alone, he had been for most of his life. One couldn't feel lonely if they really hadn't been with people in so long that they no longer understood what loneliness was.
When he was seven, the little blonde child witnessed as his parents, two people truly against the King of Hearts ways, were killed by the Jabberwocky. The only life the small boy had ever known was gone.
For one reason or another Jabberwocky always took the bodies of her kills with her. Perhaps as proof that she had done as ordered, no one but the beast program knew. But Shaye did know he would never forget the beast's cold stare, it haunted his dreams to the day.
Shaye waited days in the apartment, hoping that another family member would come for him after news of his parents' death went out, the King made sure the news went out about Jabberwocky kills,
:iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 0
Technological Wonderland Ch 1
Technological Wonderland
Who is Alice?
A young brunette ran down an alley, looking behind him every so often in case someone or something was following him. His ears perked to the sound of approaching foot steps, a twinge of fear ran through the older teen. Had a sentry found him? No... That was impossible... He ducked into the shadows hoping he hadn't been seen. But he was; the shadowed figure that had been behind him continued moving towards him. Was this it already? Was this the end?
"Gavin?" A familiar voice was a welcomed sound. "What are you doing?" A young blonde woman came into sight. She wasn't that much older than the other boy, perhaps a year or two. Her honey colored eyes were calm but curious as her head was cocked slightly, the white blonde hair highlighted with brown stripes tumbled over her shoulder, only the top half was tied back.
A sigh of relief was exhaled, "Damn it, Sera! You scared me! I thought you were a Card Guard."
"Sorry," Sera apologized.
It w
:iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 0
Children of Liberty 3
        "Need some help?" Toris poked his head into the store room around the several boxes already stacked outside the door.
        Alfred smiled and waved him off, "Nah, just trying to decide on the next box to go through."
        "Well..." Toris looked around, "How about that one?" He pointed to a dusty one in the back corner.
        "Alright!" The younger nation rolled up his sleeves and pulled the box out. Opening it, he realized which kid of his this box went along with. He sighed, "Well there had to be one kid I had to lie to about his life."
        Toris tilted his head and moved more into the room, looking over Alfred's shoulder at some of the items in the box, understanding right away. Some of the items included a scarf colored like the Russian flag, an old baby album, and mu
:iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 2 0
Children of Liberty 2
        Okay, back to cleaning. These trips down memory lane were counter-productive but sometimes he really couldn't help it. Over the years he had gained more and more things to store, especially with having fifty children.
        "You know what? I need to just set aside a box for each of them and have them each go through them or put them in their own store rooms." It was a brilliant idea, finding empty boxes and went to storing.
        The next box he opened was already sorted for the most part. Again, Alfred's face fell. "Duke..." He pulled out a few items to look at, including: an ancient looking book, an Indian headdress, a uniform from the Civil War, an old original copy of Common Sense, and an old musket like his own, and buried in the bottom was an old locket. He handled the locket carefully. Arthur had given one to all of the colony children.
:iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 2 0
Children of Liberty
    Another attempt at cleaning the store room. Alfred had no idea why he kept trying; he never ended up getting anything done with all the memories that were stirred up.
    Opening up a box, Alfred found an old sketchbook under some clothes. Smiling, he decided to leaf through it a bit. Upon going past a few half finished pictures, his smile fell. He ran his fingers over an old sketch. A very well done drawing of himself, Arthur, and three of the, at the time, colonies. His and Arthur's children. Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. As just children they had been thrown into the midst of a war no one wanted, but a fight for freedom that had to happen.
    It was hard to forget what they were put through. "Talk about killing their innocence…" Alfred muttered, running his fingers absently over the image of the only girl in the picture, her curly honey brown hair and hopeful blue-green eyes.
:iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 2 1
Fallen angel by Kiki-Celina Fallen angel :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 0 Home is where the heart is... by Kiki-Celina Home is where the heart is... :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 3 1 Antonio where are you by Kiki-Celina Antonio where are you :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 2 0 Abandoned by Kiki-Celina Abandoned :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 1 1 Child of Loss by Kiki-Celina Child of Loss :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 0 He has one by Kiki-Celina He has one :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 1 0 Alone in the light by Kiki-Celina Alone in the light :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 0 0 Fools all of them by Kiki-Celina Fools all of them :iconkiki-celina:Kiki-Celina 1 0

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Cafe Press shop OPEN

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2011, 3:16 PM
So I've openned up a shop on Cafepress.

Please support AVALANCHE Aquisitions. For all your Final Fantasy fan shirt needs.…

Any suggestions for merch welcome

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